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Hey I'm Foxy. I'm a young Naughty girl that is tring to make it on her own. So I moved out west where I can make a living, but it seems like the only job I'm good at is a sexretary. My boss seems to think I'm his personal play toy. The last time we went to a cocktail party it wasnt the kinda party I thought it would be. The second I walked in I was the main course for him and all of his friends hehe. I love the attention, my daddy always said I had a big mouth and couldn't learn to sit still so I put all that to use hehe. I really like it when my boss makes me take his big cock in front of all his friends it makes me feel so nasty. What can this naughty sexretary do for you tonight?!?!

Foxy's Specialties:
Extreme Hardcore ~ Gangbangs ~ Being Dominated ~ Seductive Cockteasing ~ Being Spanked and Disciplined ~ Secretary/Boss Roleplay ~ No Limits ~ Much More!

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